American Eagle Sandals

American Eagle Sandals

I just got home from my boyfriends baseball game and I am waiting for him to finish cooking our Boca Burgers for dinner! (we are new vegans! and we love it!) I looked down at my feet and realized how much I love my new sandals from American Eagle that I got for $25! Usually I walk right by this store, but something made me go inside and they have so many cute sandals for Spring! Down below is a picture of the sandals I am wearing (please don’t mind my unpedicured toes :( i am due for a much needed pedi!) and check out AE’s website to view more!

American Eagle Sandals LINK

xxoo Jules

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  1. I love your AE sandals! I haven't been in that store for a while, but I think I should now. The fringes are super cute :)


  2. Love these, i just bought a pair like these from river island but they are super expensive i paid £34.99 for mine! okay so i think i'm going to have to look online and AE.