A Beautiful Shade of Pink

A Beautiful Shade of Pink

One of my favorite colors is light pink. I love the femininity of it and I think it is a great color for summer. I love the frill detailing on these Style By Marina shorts. Everything on their website has a unique feel to it. I also paired a colorful broach with this look because it adds some sparkle and glamour without going overboard. Adding a broach to an outfit is a good way of adding simple jewelry when your outfit already has a big statement piece like this blouse. The sleeves on this blouse are what made me like it. Also I really like pairing prints, but in a subtle way. As long as the colors go together and the prints are not too crazy, then it can work. Like this floral pattern on this blouse with the leopard on the purse!
xxoo Jules

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  1. haha we have very similar post today :)
    Love these items! especially the leapord purse!


  2. I love the shorts! They immediately caught my eye…and the bag, too. There is something about soft pink that's always so appealing. It's most definitely a spring thing :)


  3. i'm slowly building up my essie collection. this looks like a great pink.