As The Sun Sets

As The Sun Sets

Top UO, Necklace Forever21, Skirt H&M, Wedges Seychelles, Watch Michael Kors

Yesterday I had a lovely date night with my boyfriend. We went to my favorite Thai restaurant and then to the movies. It was warm out so I wore this black pleated skirt I got from H&M. It is one of my favorite things in my wardrobe right now. I have now worn it twice, the first time I paired it with a chiffon top. This time I wore it with a tank I got from Urban Outfitters that I ended up tying in the front so it wouldn’t completely cover the skirt. Also, I am loving this tribal-esque necklace I picked up from Forever21 last week! What are some of your favorite things in your wardrobe right now?

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  1. that entire outfit is stunning! im loving that skirt…the pleats and the length!

    i havent shopped much lately. im moving out of the country this summer, so im trying to save. i have a bad feeling one of these days when i have a bad day, im gonna do some major retail therapy :-(

    either way…love your outfit girl!

  2. you look adorable! that skirt is so cute…i have been try to decide if i should get a maxi skirt or stick to maxi dresses…being 5'3 has its perks, but also its flaws :/

  3. My sailor striped maxi dress! It's a cotton blend that is so soft. Love that H&M skirt.

    Sounds like a wonderful date night!


  4. Love this! So casual but chic. Are you in Cali? You have the beautiful beachy effortless elegant look down perfectly.

  5. I love the way the red lipstick pops with this outfit! You look great! Sounds like a fun date night! :)

    I just pulled out an old vintage green dress in my closet. I'm not sure when I got it but i havent worn it in so long that it feels like a new item to me :)


  6. Having an obsession over this skirt! You are gorgeous in this look, very chic and comfy, and girly and sassy, and boho and modern! LOVES! Also must admit I am a huge fan of Thai! I must get to h&m asap to check out these skirts! xox!

  7. Hi Julia, I have just awarded you a blogger award on my page :)

    Come check it out.

    Lots of love