Hello Hawaii

Hello Hawaii

Dress Eight Sixty (I got at my favorite boutique Kelli in Merced, CA) Wedges Steve Madden, Purse Kate Spade, Necklaces Target & Thrifted, Rings UO & Aldo, Watch Michael Kors

Our first day in Hawaii was wonderful! The weather is amazing and it feels so good :) So this past weekend I was in Nordstrom and saw this orange Kate Spade bag. Right away I fell madly in love with it and could not get it out of my mind. I knew it had to be mine, so I went back a little later and did just that! My hair is a little crazy in these pictures because my sister and I were driving all around Waikiki on her moped (so fun!) and I let it air-dry my hair for me. This dress is so comfy and perfect for an evening dinner with my family.  Have a great night!

xxoo Jules

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  1. That dress is gorgeous! Love how you styled it with that orange bag! You look great :)


  2. I like your style :)!

    And I fell in love with the bag, it looks so cute, especially with your outfit!


  3. first, awesome bag.
    second, i need to be on vacation with you.

    Have a great time!

  4. Love this outfit. My favorite part is the the flower in your hair. It's so simple but I feel as though it completes your overall look in such a subtle way. :)

  5. That bag is amazing! You made a good investment :)
    What island are you on? I lived on the big island the past couple of years! definitely miss hawaii!


  6. Ooh how fun!! Love the dress, and the KateSpade bag goes with it perfectly! Have fun in Hawaii :)


  7. You look all lovely in a maxi and that cute little plumeria. An Orange Kate Spade bag is to die for. It somewhat reminds me of an Hermes' orange color.

  8. The bag is fabulous! And I must say sometimes we just need to “treat” ourselves. I must say the maxi dress looks fabulous on you. And the moped ride with your sister sounds like a ton of fun!

  9. Air drying hair on a moped sounds like the only style of blowing drying I'd ever want! Hawaii looks beautiful (and you do too!)