Leather Love

Leather Love

Glasses Ray Ban, Tank Michael Stars, Jean Button-Up Target, Skirt Forever21, Shoes and Necklace Target, Belt Forever21, Purse Tory Burch, Watch Michael Kors

Hey Everyone! So this is a re-postsince blogger decided to delete everyone’s previous posts. I am sad because it deleted all of your sweet comments :) I love hearing from all of you and luckily I did write down some of the great books you guys recommended! I hope everyone has a great Saturday. I am loving Seattle right now and can’t wait for Hawaii on Monday!!!!

xxoo Jules

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  1. you rocked this skirt! i love it! enjoy your travels and can't wait to see some photos! <3

  2. I love your outfit and how you combined your leather skirt !
    I think we have the same watch :) haha

    What sort of books do you like, maybe I can recommend you some good ones ?

    xoxo linda <3

  3. you are beautyful :)
    i love your hair and your outfit. i like how you put everything together.
    p.s. i wish i was as tan as you :)

  4. this is so inspiring, actually, you're whole blog is – the vibe is so great!
    Hope you'll pass by and follow too.