New Purchases

New Purchases

Steve Madden Wedges
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Marc by Marc Jacobs Bikini
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Bamboo Sky Earrings
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So here are some of my purchases that I have made so far in Hawaii.  I adore my new Steve Madden Wedges because they have just the perfect amount of shimmer while still looking casual. I have been searching for a new swim suit here in Hawaii because I always get a new one when I come. I have been really wanting a high-wasted suit this summer and this Marc by Marc Jacobs one is perfect! Its so adorable on and has a sailor-ish feel that I love. Also, I have told you guys about the shop Bamboo Sky before (I have made some online purchases there) but I was able to actually visit the boutique a few days ago (Since it is located here in Honolulu). I definitely wanted everything there but limited myself to two pairs of earrings, one shown above. I am off to go on a hike to a waterfall, I will keep you all posted :)

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  1. oh wow, you're in Hawaii? you must be have so much fun? love the wedges and the Marc Jacobs bikini. thanks for your sweet comment!

  2. This bikini is perfection. I clicked the link to purchase and am considering it because it is so adorable. Will you do a review on it?

  3. i adore the wedges & the bikini!!

    i definitely need to get my shopping on for this summer…

    hope to hear from you soon :)


  4. Follow my blog on bloglovin, comment saying you did, and I'll follow yours back!

  5. Love those earrings and that bikini.. And the wedges too – I guess that means I love it all! Love this blog, am now following. Would love to see you follow me back?

    I'm a new reader, and a new blogger too, so please check out my blog –