Two-Toned Accessories

Two-Toned Accessories

1. TopShop Belt-$40
2. Threadsence Dress-$40
3. Nasty Gal Earrings-$18
4. LuLus Sandals-$25
5. All Saints Clutch-$90

I am loving asymmetrical dresses right now. So when I saw this one on I fell in love. (I feel like I say that about everything, but I really DO fall in love with all these things) Anyways, I am still contemplating ordering it because I am going shopping this weekend to Anthropologies big sale :) So I’ll have to wait and see what I find. Another item that I am particularly fond of right now is tassel jewelry. I think these two-toned earrings from Nasty Gal are great! I hope everyone has a fantastic Holiday weekend! I will be spending mine with my family, doing some shopping, and taking long naps :)

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  1. why have i never heard of threadsence!? that dress is beautiful! and will look awesome when i get more tan :-)

    hope u have a great weekend!

  2. Kind of loving your features. And the fact that they're not all super designer and totally something I could never afford ever! Your turban DIY is also utterly awesome; I've never been able to figure those things out!

  3. your blog is amazing, it´s my first visit and I love it !!!
    I really like the sandals, the´re so pretty <33

    i´m following… follow me back if you like my blog ??