A Growing Collection

A Growing Collection

1. 3.1 Phillip Lim Jacket-$599 (On Sale)
2. Elizabeth and James Heels-$245 (On Sale)
3. Winter Kate Top-$195
4. Top Shop Blouse-$72
5. Tracy Reese Heels-$104.99 (On Sale)
6. American Apparel Skirt-$42

I have two ways I shop online. One is that I go to all of my favorite sites like Nasty Gal, Bamboo Sky, LuLu’s, TopShop, Piperlime, Asos, Thread Sence, etc and look at things that I might actually purchase and that I can afford to buy. But the other way is that I go to my other favorite sites like La Garconne, Shop Bop, My Theresa, Opening Ceremony, and Barney’s so that I can day dream about everything I would buy if I had an endless amount of money. Although very small, my collection of luxury designer items is growing slowly, and I am fine with that. I will take it piece by piece, until one day I will look in my closet and be so proud of my collection :) and then continue on making it much larger… Wildfox Giveaway Winner Also, thank you to all of you who entered my Giveaway with Bamboo Sky! Congrats to Tracy-Girl from Then I Got To Thinking for winning the Wildfox tee! 

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  1. I love the Philip Lim jacket ! <3
    The light pink skirt you picked is so sweet, I just saw it in an AA store in mint green.

    New Post up on my blog!


  2. I do the same exact thing. Slowly but surely growing my collection. I also wait for sales and try to get the best deals on the more expensive items. I'm loving those Tracy Reese wedges! :-)

  3. I need to start putting more effort into my wardrobe so that I can fall in love with it…

    I have never actually had a wardrobe wish list…

    But I definitely love yours…

    I always say “well one day when I have boo-koo money..”


  4. i do the same thing! Of course your eye is drawn to these wildly expensive items. But it is nice to grow a collection, I think it makes you appreciate each piece more. Great choice in the Top Shop blouse!