It’s Definitely Summer Now

It’s Definitely Summer Now

Top Bamboo Sky, Skirt Jeremy’s, Shoes Cynthia Vincent for Target (Last Summer), Belt Forever21, Clutch Random Boutique, Earrings Target

This is my attempt at the “faux bob” hairstyle. It’s a lot harder than it looks (at least for me) especially with long hair. I saw a picture of Jaime King with her hair like that and wanted to try it out. I think it is a really beautiful and feminine hair style. Alright, So I got these wedges last Summer when Cynthia Vincent had a line with Target. They are kind of funky, but still good to mix around and have some fun with! I love this blouse that I got from Bamboo Sky and even though it is long sleeved, the cut-outs and chiffon material make it still wearable for summer. It is getting so hot here now, it was in the mid 90s today and will only get hotter from here…

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  1. Hey!
    When I see this look i think a lot about Sex and the City moovie!!!! :))) Great job! I like!
    Mlle Anastasia

  2. Ah! Yesterday I was wearing almost the same outfit: blue klein skirt ans white top.
    Girl you have class!!

  3. Great outfit! Love the bold statement of the blue skirt, and your wedges are lovely.

    Happy Wednesday, my dear!

  4. Summer is just right around the corner. My town reached 112 yesteray and boy was it. Love the cut-offs of your top.

  5. Lovely as always! I'm dying over those shoes – did you get them this year? i know Cynthia Vincent did a collab with Target last year… In any case, gorg!


  6. This is such a soft, romantic look. Perfectly summer. And you + blue is a perfect combination. Wish I could have taken advantage of the CV X Target line alas I missed out :-( Ah well.

  7. weird…i swear I followed you a long time ago but you weren't on my list…blogger is freakin weird sometimes. anyhow, following AGAIN!

  8. Your hair looks so pretty!! You did a great job, it's so soft & feminine! And I am loving these wedges, so fun for summer!

  9. Love the 'faux bob' on you! You have beautiful hair…and skin…and style :) So glad I found your blog.