Lace Me Up

Lace Me Up

Tank Forever21, Jacket Anthropologie, Jeans Quicksilver, Shoes Jeffrey Campbell, Purse (From a Boutique called Kelli in Merced, CA) Necklace Forever21, Watch Michael Kor

Wow, time sure does fly by! I cannot believe it’s already Wednesday. My Memorial day weekend was very relaxing which is just what I wanted. I spent Monday moving into my new place for summer and today was my boyfriend’s birthday. In celebration, I baked him a vegan red velvet cake (we have been vegan’s for a few months now) and it was delicious! Maybe I will post a picture of it later :) Anyways, I just got these Quicksilver jeans this past weekend on sale for $20! I have never bought their jeans before, but I really like them! Jeans are one thing I usually will spend a good amount of money on because I feel like you can really tell the difference, but I thought that this was too good of a deal to pass up! I also bought this purse at the same store I got my jeans. It is called Kelli and it is located in Merced, CA. If you are ever in the area, definitely go check it out! This store always has amazing things in all different price ranges and the people working there are SOOO sweet :) 

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  1. Love the beautiful colors and modern 70s vibe! I heart fringe purses, they're soooo fun!

  2. Awesome bag! Really want to find something of that kind. But I'm so monogamous when it comes to bags ;) anyhow, thanx so much for the comment. I'd love for you to follow )
    Following you )

  3. That outfit is so beautiful.I really like your blog and your outfits
    I'll follow you from now on,hope you do the same :))