Pretty Pretty Polka Dots

Pretty Pretty Polka Dots

Jacket BCBG, Top (Dress Worn as Top) Thrifted, Skirt From Random Boutique, Heels Steve Madden, Watch Michael Kors, Purse Chanel

This is one of my favorite skirts that I own. I like it so much because it’s fun and I can dress it up or down. Polka Dots remind me of the 50′s. I think of my style as really girly and feminine, so maybe that’s why I enjoy them so much. This top, which is actually a dress worn as a top, is from Crossroads Trading Co. I always find great things when I go in there and the color of the dress is what grabbed my attention. I added neutral accessories (i.e. my jacket and heels) so that the main color was the purple in my shirt. Although my jacket looks beige, it is actually a purplish color!

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  1. you look great! i definitely go through spurts with polka dots…sometimes i like them some times i dont. i have concluded that i really only dislike them when they are black and white. this skirt is adorable! happy wednesday!

  2. Yeah, it's really so girly and feminine!!!!! I like so much! Your style is amazing and very tender…

    Mlle Anastasia

  3. You are gorgeous! Love that color dress. Wouldn't have known it was a dress until you said so. Great job putting this outfit together!

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. such a pretty skirt. we are so used to seeng black and white, that this beige is refreshing! love it with purple.

  5. first of all – thanks for visiting, doll!
    And i must say, these pictures are absolutely amazing – you are such a talented blogger!

  6. I need to start taking more chances with what I wear…

    fashion bloggers like yourself have shown me, not everything has to match PERFECTLY. I now feel my wardrobe is lame.

    le sigh…