Sunglasses and Button Up(men’s) Forever21, Skirt Zara, Bag Chanel, Wedges Steve Madden, Necklace H&M, Watch Michael Kors

This skirt makes me feel like a tulip, hence the title of this post “tulips”. I love it because it maintains its shape throughout the day. I got this button up in the men’s section at Forever21(seen here). I love how it fades into another color, although you can’t really tell in my pictures. My boyfriend and I went running today after work and it was suuuuuper hot, but we went swimming right when we got back. I love the summer evenings though, when it’s still warm out but there is a nice breeze that’s keeps you from getting too warm. So lovely.

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  1. LOVE this classic, preppy look so much. i need to wear more of this look. it used to be one of my favs. and i also love those sunnies…so cool that they are men's.

  2. i LOVE this skirt!! esp the colour. sounds like you had a great night, i always wish i had a pool so badly! :)

  3. I love this spin on red, white and blue – I've been kind of into new renditions of this patriotic color palette lately….