I See Stars

I See Stars

Blazer and Top Zara, Jeans Joe’s Jeans, Belt UO, Heels Banana Republic, Bow Ring Madewell, Bag Chanel, Name Necklace Bamboo Sky

Happy Friday Everyone! Thomas and I decided last minute to go to San Francisco and hang out for the weekend. We walked around some shops for a bit and went to Whole Foods to pick up something for dinner. We snapped these photos right outside his apartment. I am sooo in love with the blazer from Zara. I think that stars add a little fun to a basic black blazer. Always loving a pop of color, I added this magenta pink top. I recently got this name necklace from Bamboo Sky. I have wanted one for so long and I just adore it! They also sent me a gold wire “love” necklace that I will show you all soon (and you can purchase it online!). 

P.S How cute is this bow ring I just picked up from Madewell?!


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