Weekend Farmer’s Market

Weekend Farmer’s Market

Dress Blue Life, Name Necklace Bamboo Sky, Wedges Toms, Jacket Abercrombie & Fitch, Glasses Ray Ban

Thomas and I spent the majority of our weekend in San Francisco. If we are in the city on a Saturday morning we like to wake up really early and walk down to the farmer’s market at the Ferry building. We stocked up on lots of fruits and veggies because we just got a juicer and want to make tons of juices! I got this dress at Planet Blue (which can be purchased here when I was down in LA. It’s the perfect maxi dress for summer because it can easily transition from day-time to night-time, which is so nice especially when you are traveling and like to pack light. This jacket is literally over six years old and is my sister’s from high school! (She is graduated from college now, that is how old it is) Anyways, I have been really bored with my hair lately and I have been putting it in all sorts of different braids. 

These strawberries were deeee-licious! And are now completely gone.

Today I was in Marin and had lunch with Karen Behnke, the founder of the ALL organic skin care line Juice Beauty. She is one amazing lady! Not only was I so inspired by her (she has started two very very successful businesses), but I learned so much about skin care and makeup products. I am definitely going to be converting over to this toxin-free line and I will let you all know more about it very soon!


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  1. oh you look so perfect :) love the maxi dress <3 and the strawberries looks so delicious :) sounds like you had an wonderful time <3
    lovely greetings from Nadine, ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  2. Denim jackets & maxi dresses go so perfectly together! Love this look on you, and the little turquoise necklace just finishes it off perfectly!

  3. i love the farmers market on sundays! the food you ate looks amazing! :)
    i am interested to read more about your switch to toxin-free skincare… it's amazing to learn how many parabens and sulfates and other harmful ingredients are in the daily products we use! it can be hard to make a switch from products you really love though!

    xo jeanette


  4. Ooo, I'm so excited to hear about the makeup line! I'm all for new beauty/skin product tips and such, I've had trouble with my skin for years and years!
    Those berries look so delish!
    xx Marissa

  5. Farmers markets on Saturday mornings are the best! You look cute too. Perfect outfit for a beautiful day outside.

    xo L.

  6. The ferry building farmers market is the BEST! Ah…jealous! I need to make a trip back to SF. Love the braids too!

  7. I came across your blog through Pinterest! I am loving it!! When scrolling through I came to this post and saw your denim jacktet and thought “that looks like the one I have from Abercrombie.” I read the post and it is! I bought it probably 8-9 years ago!! So I am probably more your sister's age;) It is obviously one of those pieces that will last forever! Keep up the good work!