Oldie but Goodie

Oldie but Goodie

Top Zara, Shorts Forever21, Necklace (Made by me!), Ring Madewell, Glasses YSL (boyfriends), Sling-backs Nordtsrom

I have had these leopard sling-backs from Nordstrom for over 6 years! I don’t even know who makes them because it is worn off. I still wear them often and they are in pretty good condition. I also love these high-waisted shorts from Forever21, but they wrinkle really fast! (as you can see) And sorry for the poor picture quality in my last post. I was excited to show you guys my hair and took to my photobooth to do that! This necklace I have on is another piece of jewelry that I made last Friday. I think that it is going to be worn a lot for Fall. 

Everyone is moving back to school and the campus is starting to get crowded again. I love this time of year because everyone is so excited to be back. We had our first dance practice tonight from 5-9 and boy was it a work out! It must have been 90+ degrees in our dance studio because we don’t have any air conditioning. Oh well, at least I am going to be in tip-top shape in no time!


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  1. Oh this is the best color combination! And I love how you added the leopard print flats!

  2. I looove this outfit! Your necklace is GORG, so cool that you made it yourself! And I am loving the leopard shoes! Too cute!

  3. I love it when i still have something after so many years that just never goes out of fashion! You look great! :)

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