Cords & Lace

Cords & Lace

Top UO, Cords J Brand, Wedges Seychelles, Glasses Juicy Couture, Watch Michael Kors, Ring Madewell, Lipstick Revlon “Raspberry Bite”

Just got back home from what felt like the longest day ever. I picked up my new glasses from the eye doctor yesterday and I love them! I was tired of my old ones and I needed to increase my prescription (my eyes are getting worse). I pretty much only wear them to read the board in class and when I’m driving, but I have a feeling that I will be wearing these a lot more because I really like them! 

I decided to bring out my J Brand cords since there is a slight breeze and the leaves are starting to fall. I paired them with a white lace top from UO and my fav Seychelles wedges which I am going to have to pack away soon as it gets colder. 

Have a fab day tomorrow!

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  1. I'm definitely in need of prescription glasses! Contact lenses ain't good if you were them 24/7… :o)
    I love the way you look in your new ones!


  2. I love your glasses sweety! They suits you very well. And buy the way you look GORGEOUS! Have a nice day to you, too!

    xx Kaisa

  3. the cuteness in that photo is just too much! love that top, lace is so feminine and pretty.
    I already voted for you! best of luck :)

  4. In greek we have a work for gorgeous girls like you: KOUKLA, which means DOLL!!!!! I always love to visit you and see your lovely blog+style+face!! You are a ''natural borned…koukla''!!!!!!♥

  5. Oh my, you are absolutely stunning! And you hair is so lovely. Loving your blog! such awesome style. Following ya! :

    xoxo, Ally

  6. i'm really liking your glasses :) I recently go new ones as well and I love em! I don't wear contacts as much anymore. I also go prescription sun glasses for when I'm driving and the sun is in my eye.

  7. love your juicy couture glasses! i am not a contact person, i just can't do them. instant headache. i love my Ray Ban frames but i like the roundness of your new frames! mine are squared off.