Lotsa Green

Lotsa Green

Top Forever21, Skirt Zara, Boots Simply by Vera Wang for Kohls, Ring Forever21, Bracelets c/o Missfit, c/o Shoppalu

I realized after taking these photos that they are very green. It is one of my favorite colors because it really makes a statement while still seeming fresh and fun. I’m also wearing my new boots from Kohl’s again which you can get here (on sale!).

I’m currently on the hunt for a faux fur vest for fall, if you guys see any cute ones can you send me a link?! (via email, fb, or twitter). Thanks, gals. :)

ALSO, There are only a few days left of the Blogger’s Wardrobe contest on Facebook. It would mean so much to me if you would take the time to VOTE for me here! Just “like” Blogger’s Wardrobe on Facebook and then “like” my photo to vote for me!!!


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  1. You are such a stunner, my dear! Your hair is absolutely phenomenal, I can't get over how lovely the colour is. I think all of the green in these photos works really well- the shades really compliment your eyes :)

  2. These dreamlike colors remarkably satisfy my eyes & help me get delightful inside. I am creatively charged and spontaneously pleased