Around and About

Around and About

Dress Artizia (similar style here), Leather Jacket H&M (similar style here), Scarf Urban Outfitters (similar one here), Heels Banana Republic (on sale!), Watch Michael Kors

I love this dress from Artizia that I bought towards the end of summer. It’s such a versatile item in my wardrobe and had been great for work, school, and everyday. These are also one of my favorite heels, they are on sale at Banana Republic
I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I have been taking the majority of my pictures on my college campus. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s all brick and ivy with luscious green landscaping and gardens. I love the color of the leaves as they change.

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  1. First off love this outfit. I didn't know you had Aritzia down in the States!
    2nd, when I saw first your milkmaid braid, I tried this hairstyle because my hair wasn't long enough for the braid! Great minds think alike! ;) ahah

    I think I'll try a similar outfit but with tights and combats since here in Toronto its much cooler!


  2. i stumbled across and your blog and i totally recognize that library (too many late nights studying). uop is gorgeous totally has a east coast feel to a west coat school! your blog is super cute, can't wait to look around =)

  3. I'm in love with your dress, it looks amazing with the floral scarf.

    One of the big things I miss about not being in University anymore is the campus. Ours was all castle-y and gorgeous.

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  4. I just fell in love with your dress! It's super simple and cute. Kind of Audrey Hepburn inspired. Great look girly!

    Your blog is also adorable, I love reading it. <3
    Take a peek!