Daily Beauty Routine Tutorial

Daily Beauty Routine Tutorial

Hey Gals! I have finally put together a video of my makeup routine. I know many of you have been asking, so I decided to video myself getting ready this morning :) Please don’t make fun of me, I am such a nerd in the video…I even call myself a “moisturizing person.” Awkward things just come out of my mouth when i’m talking to a camera all by myself. Anywho, I list all of the products that I use on the screen while i’m using them and feel free to ask any questions! This look is very natural and subtle for every-day wear. In the beginning I am talking about a few products, but it speeds up while i’m doing my makeup. So hopefully it’s not too boring! Enjoy!

Then let your hair down…and your ready for the day!

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial! You are so beautiful.I thought you did a lovely job! To me, you seemed sweet and confident. I am going to have to try this tutorial sometime.

    Have a lovely day!

  2. You're so pretty and you're super adorable when you were talking. I love that you use powder foundation like me because most people like liquid. I use the make up forever foundation but heard a lot about bare minerals so I think that's going to be my next one!

  3. thanks for sharing!!! you are so dang cute! i am obsessed with that lip color. and i watched your braid/twist hair tutorial, i think i will try it :)


  4. You did a great job! I was so awkward at first when I started making YouTube videos (my username is PinkBeautyBliss) but after a while it starts coming more naturally. You seem great from the start though!


  5. Thanks so much for sharing your beauty routine! I've always thought your makeup looks so gorgeous everyday, so this is really helpful! You also have amazinnggg skin – has it always been that way or do you use a special product??

  6. hey thanks for sharing, was wondering if you could post more hair video? like hair routines, al the products you use, and what you ask to get your haircut? xx

  7. Ok so I am new to your blog I found you on instagram and am loving your blog… So many questions…
    - did you put eyeliner across the top lid or just in the corners?
    - what skin care products do you use?
    - do you wear eyeshadow? If so what kind?

    Thank you so much! I am just searching and how to do my makeup better. I have sensitive skin so I am searching for bloggers who will tell their secrets about their beautiful skin.
    I hope to hear back from you!!