Hair Details & More Brights In Winter

Hair Details & More Brights In Winter

Blazer J. Crew, Dress Tobi, Oxfords Zara, Aviators Ray Ban, Necklace LYLIF

The weather has been unusually warm this week, it even reached 70 degrees today! I thought it was the perfect time to bring out a new bright colored dress for Spring and keep it somewhat winter appropriate with a navy blazer. As most of you known by now, I love color and this bright orange dress grabbed my attention instantly.

On another note, let’s talk about my hair :) I told you guys a little over a week ago that I was getting my hair done and that I hadn’t decided what I wanted to do. When I went to the salon, I decided to go lighter and take the blonde that was on the ends of my ombre and bring them up. To put it lightly, I was not pleased with the results. It just didn’t look like me. So THEN, I went back to the salon and told them that I wanted to go darker. Not too dark. I was thinking Olivia Palermo brown. (she’s pinned all over my pinterest boards) What I have now is the results of that. And again, I’m not pleased. The blonde ends did not want to take color as well as my roots, so now I have a two-toned color that is somewhat red/brown and grey/blonde on the ends. It’s been frustrating because I feel as if I’m complaining a lot and being too picky. But it’s my hair! Hair can be a very sensitive thing…at least for me. I have always been very conscientious of taking good care of my hair and try to keep it healthy. I now am getting my hair done for the third time on Sunday (along with a deep conditioning treatment so my hair won’t get too mad at me) and I’m really nervous. I’m hoping that the results look something like this.

So wish me luck! & Have a fabulous weekend. Winter is fast approaching! Perhaps its time to start thinking about buying some knitwear to keep warm this one!

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  1. Love your dress! So cute. I just came across your blog, so not sure but you may have already answered this. What's tobi?

  2. Tangerine + gold = Summer in winter.
    The navy blazer is just the icing on the cake.

    Please go see ;
    You will not regret it.