I often get emails from girls asking me what my favorite lipsticks are, so I decided to put together a post on the lipsticks that are in current rotation in my beauty routine. As you can tell, I’m a huge fan of red. Although it is not quite as clear in the photos, each red lipstick that I use is a different shade.

Lipsticks are a great way to spice up any outfit, whether it be with a t-shirt and jeans or a lbd.


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  1. i love this post!!!!! i am a big lipstick girl too!! in the past, i had to go through every single one of your post to find what color lipstick you were wearing >< thank you so much for this

  2. What a nice post(and very opriginal!) I can say you have a great colection of lipsticks, My gavorite is Revlon No 4!!!! But you look gorgeous in all of the pictures!

  3. Yay! Totally love this post and thanks for sharing. I am now so bold enough to try red lips and with seeing it on after a trial run I absolutely am hooked. Can't wait to try other colors in the future.

  4. They're all really pretty and also look amazing on you!!

    My Sweet Pearls


  5. I'm so excited about this post! I have purchased a few of the Revlon ones you have posted and I love them all. Thank you :)

  6. anyone know how Revlon “love that red” compares to some of these? That's the one I have, but I may be in search of a new one if “really red” is better :)

  7. LOVE the Revlon plum. I've been looking all over for it but can't find it. I don't think it's sold in stores here :( might have to order it online

  8. I love all of the lipstick shades but what lipstick were you wearing yesterday? I am looking for a light pink or something soft to wear during the day.

  9. I used to be that girl that was so afraid to wear red lipsticks, but every since I tried it I been “obsessed”. NARS Heatwave is my fave!!


    Tamara B.

  10. I love this post. The colors look so different in the tube than they do on. Now Ive found a few I'll have to try!


  11. I love this post and have jotted down several Revlon shades that I'd like to own now thanks to you sharing them.

    Just hope we get the same shades in the UK as you guys in the States, sometimes I know there can be variations!!

    Esther xx

  12. Wow! Revlon has some really nice shades! I tend to stick with Maybelline or Estee Lauder but think I'll give these a try, specially #2! Thanks for the post! xx

  13. I love this post – I think it was really helpful the way you paired comparison photos of you wearing the lipsticks! My favorite is definitely Wild Orchid, with Nars Heatwave coming in a close second!

    I actually haven't worn much lipstick in the past, but I will definitely experiment a little more to find *my* best shade of red! :)

    ~ Christina

  14. you wear red so well!!! i have a few of these shades in my collection — i will definitely have to try them out, you have inspired me!! i'm usually just wearing my nudes and light pinks. xoox

  15. I really need to get brave and try some of these! They all look so gorgeous on you! Hopefully they wont look horrid on me :)