Shop Paris With Love

Shop Paris With Love

Blouse c/o Isabel Lu, Necklace c/o Shop Paris With Love “Le Cosmos Necklace”

Thomas and I took a few snapshots inside today since I have been a little under the weather. How gorgeous is this Shop Paris With Love necklace? I don’t usually wear a lot of silver jewelry, so it’s nice to change it up a bit. I love how simple and delicate it is…and it looks beautiful with my ring. :) Check out the rest of their collection here! I’m really lusting after these earrings too.


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  1. You definitely don't look under the weather. You look as pretty as usual :) I love the necklace and I have a top almost identical to the one you have on


  2. Wow if this is you looking under the weather then Thomas is one lucky man! You look stunning! I agree that necklace is beautifully simple! I just made a rather large hint at my boyfriend whist he was looking over my shoulder… well it is valentines day soon!

    xx Jess

  3. hello julia, this is verena from germany. i´ve found you on pinterest. you´re name ist german right? engel means angel. but i think you already knew this!

    love, verena

  4. Love the necklace. It's simple yet unique enough to add a little edge. I don't normally wear a lot of jewelry, either…but this piece is cute!

  5. Well, you look lovely for being “under the weather.” Love the necklace, unfortunately the baby would definitely rip this right off my neck… maybe one day. XO

    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

  6. gorgeous necklace!! just stumbled upon your blog and i've spent the last hour reading all your recent posts. absolutely LOVE your style and you are gorgeous my dear!! have a lovely rest of the week and can't wait to follow more of your journey :)