Date Night

Date Night

T-shirt c/o Stylemint, Maxi Skirt Forever21, Necklaces c/o Spike the Punch & Jennifer Zeuner, Sunnies Forever21, Oxfords Zara, Bag Rebecca Minkoff

Thomas and I had a date night at the movies Friday night and this is what I wore. Of course, like every other person, we saw The Hunger Games. I am a huge fan of the books (I read all three in four days!) and was so excited for the movie to come out. I probably watched the trailer 100+ times. And I got chills every time. I thought the movie was good, it’s just hard to compare it to the books…because the books are waaay better. There is so much background and detail you can explain in a book, while everything is visual in a movie. I was explaining a lot of things to Thomas that they left out of the movie. Overall it was a great evening. It’s hard to get time with that boy as he is crazy busy with baseball and grad school- he’s gone most weekends. But I sure do love him xxxooo

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  1. I saw the movie twice and cried each time. Such a sucker. I'm also a bigger fan of peeta than I am of gale but some girls just looooovvvveee gale. psh. hahaha you look gorgeous though!


  2. love your skirt!!! I saw it too!!! I love it!! I was happy that it stayed true to the book mostly but the books are so much better indeed.

  3. Looking stunning my dear!!!!! and we are wearing ''similar'' sunnies in our posts!!! Keep smilling like that, you are a beauty!

  4. Julia,
    this is one of my favorite outfits of yours ever. I think it's because it's relatively laid back but still feminine and cute!

    PS. Sent an email your way ;)

    xx Lynzy

  5. I've seen teh movie last Friday too and loved it. But like you, I'll always prefer the books. So mcu more details and ddepth to the story :) I love this look by the way! The skirt is SO pretty! x