How To- Clipless Curling Iron

How To- Clipless Curling Iron

I finally tried out my first clipless curling iron a few weeks ago and I must admit- I’m hooked! It creates loose beachy waves that look really natural. It’s a lot easier to use than it looks and much faster! (I have thick hair, so the faster the better) I am using the José Eber 25 mm clipless curling iron in the giraffe print. 

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  1. Your hair looks great like that! I have shoulder length hair so when I do that it doesn't look quite as good :)

  2. FYI I'm PRETTY sure it's pronounced Joe-say Ee-bear. Kind of odd, but I feel like that's how I've heard it on TV. I've got a Sultra and it's super amazing!

  3. um, are those your real lashes? GORGEOUS. and your skin…FLAWLESS. oh, and if that isn't enough….gorgeous hair to boot! i need to know your skincare routine. i bought a clipless curling iron but it is tapered so the hair/curls just slide off…it is SO hard to use. now i want to try this one!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  4. my sister has a similar iron and its really easy & fun to use. plus love the leopard print on your iron and your hair looks amazing straight or curled!

    xo Lisa

  5. Did you lighten your hair a bit or has it just faded? I can see some pretty highlights up top! (although I for one really liked it dark, especially because you like to wear darker/red lipstick and it looks fab with dark hair…I'm not just saying that because my hair is dark ;-)

  6. I just started reading your blog today and LOVE it! Your make-up is beautiful, especially your lipstick – do you mind to share the brand and shade?

  7. Yeah I was hooked as soon as I tried a clipless curling iron too! It's just so much faster and the curls last longer too :) But I have a Karmin g3 clipless curling iron, that's the best one for me because my hair tends to get SUPER frizzy.

  8. Hey Julia!

    Just watching some old tutorials! I really miss them. Perhaps you’d consider filming some again…? I know you had some negative feedback in the past, but I’d love for you to disregard that. Anyone as gorgeous and successful as you is going to be the victim of other peoples’ insecurities from time to time (as unfair as that is). The rest of us really admire you! I’m sure I’m speaking for most of your blog’s followers when I say that we’d LOVE to see more videos.

    Thanks! <3