Pink & Floral

Pink & Floral

Blouse Equipment (also love this pink one), Skirt F21, Heels Miu Miu (similar style here), Lipstick Kate Spade in Pop Art Pink, iphone cover Kate Spade

I guess I was inspired by the wish list I posted yesterday because my outfit today was both very floral and very pink. It’s almost harder not to wear color when it’s this warm outside.

I also really recommend this Kate Spade lipstick. First, it’s called “supercalifragalipstick” so what’s not to love about that?! and Second, it’s a gorgeous subtle shade of pink/coral.

It would mean a lot to me if you could pop on over here and VOTE for me to win a blogging gig with Threadflip! <3

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  1. Julia, you are So pretty! I love your hair so much! I know I've commented before, but I'm LOVING the dark hair :) Also, adorable heels!
    xx Katrina

  2. Every time I love your hair more and more,it looks amazing on this color!Love how everything compliments each other,it's like a cute dress!

  3. LOVE this outfit. So obsessed with florals for the spring! Your hair looks great too.