Rad Gifts for the Grad

Rad Gifts for the Grad

Just a few gift ideas to get for the wonderful people you know graduating. (like myself!) Dannijo Earrings Dior Couture Book Lomography Diana Camera Anthropologie Notebook Lanvin Notecards

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  1. Those earrings are beautiful! After graduating and hitting the real world, I realized how badly I needed more professional outfits. I had some, but not enough to wear without repeating in a month's time.

    I got a lot of Anthro and Banana Republic gift cards when I graduated that really helped spur me into a more expanded 'adult' and 'functional' wardrobe.

    I also got married the week after grad school graduation, so I also got lots of dishes. And small appliances.

    win, win :)

    Secondhand Magpie

  2. Love that camera, so stylish!!! That notebook is such a great idea, they can journal their transition into the real world! Great ideas!