A Pink Dream

A Pink Dream

I wore this BCBG dress (don’t mind my name tag or bandaid)

Little lounge area

I was just a little obsessed with the table arrangements

A huge (& gorgeous!) floral arrangement behind the bar

A beautifully wrapped gift

My momma and her friend Sheri

A pink bar

Thanking all my guests

This past Saturday my grandmother’s friends threw a bridal shower for me. It was absolutely breathtaking from the pink decor, to the tissue flowers on floating umbrellas, to the pink champagne and to the beautiful outside space of my grandmother’s friends home. It was perfect and everything of a girls dream. I feel so blessed and grateful for such an amazing bridal shower!

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  1. Oh my goodness how lovely! You must have such wonderful family. I'm sure you were so gracious — how fun are bridal showers?! It's hard being the center of attention but I'm sure you were great! -Meg

  2. GORGEOUS gorgeous shower! how blessed are you?! what an awesome family!
    xoxo Meagan

  3. Talk about the perfect looking bridal shower! It seems like the set up was perfect and well planned out. I am just curious though, did you happen to have any unique wedding favors at all ? I don't see any posted and I was trying to pick up some ideas for my sister's bridal shower that I am putting together in two months.