Shirt c/o StyleMint, Dress (worn as skirt) Free People, Purse Coach Classics, Sunnies Ray Ban, Shoes Converse, Lipstick Revlon “Really Red”

On Saturday, Thomas and I decided to explore San Francisco all on foot. And spend $0 while doing so. We packed up some snacks and water and headed out the door. Total, we walked about 6 miles and pretty much covered a large portion of the city. We had blast getting lost in different areas and acting as tourists in our new home. We both wore our converse sneakers, which have been a huge life saver on weekends when we walk everywhere. I already have a least five blisters  from trying to walk to work in heels. :(

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  1. This is such a cute outfit, Julia! I love the red stripes & the red lip! And the close up photo of you is GORGEOUS, it looks straight out of a magazine!

  2. I love the red and white stripes. And now that I now what converse looks like with a simple chic, white skirt, I may have to copy.


  3. I don't think there's anything I love more than a striped tee. Paired with the white sneakers, it's a perfect combo.


  4. I love the slightly nautical look (: definitely trying that this summer!


  5. I have the same problem with wanting to wear heels all the time (and I actually do wear them a lot), but I lived in NYC where it's not uncommon to walk a few miles each day. Most women here tuck a pair of flats in their bag and change shoes on the subway when they're getting to where they're going. I also leave a few pairs of heels at my desk and will wear flats into work and change once I'm in the office.

    xx Caro