Traveling Basics

Traveling Basics

Sunnies, Striped Tank, Scarf, Passport Holder, Flats, Cross body BagSkirt, Watch, Lip Balm, iphone Case, Camera, Polka Dot Bag

With my upcoming honeymoon to Italy, I have been slowly trying to pick up basics that will be easy to travel with and layer. A simple striped tank (or t-shirt) is always the first thing I go to. I love stripes because they go with almost anything. They look cute  with jeans, you can dress them up with jewelry or wear them with a print! A cross body bag, some flats, a watch, scarf, passport holder, sunnies and a camera are all must-haves that you should not leave home without!

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  1. I completely agree, stripes are my go to because they are so versatile. Hope you have fun in Italy!

  2. Just got home from a 2 week trip through Italy – these things are all what I totally wish I had when I was there. One weird factor that I forgot to consider before I got there? CRAZY HUMIDITY during the summer – Linen does good things as a breathable fabric, and a good hair serum to de-frizz cannot be overemphasized! So excited for you, and adamantly love your blog.


  3. I love your picks! I'm obsessed with any stripe as well. My favorite is the yellow skirt…I'm thinking I really need to order that asap!

  4. Congratulations on your honeymoon! I'm sure you'll look amazing with all this stuff :p Italy is the best!


  5. You'll never wear half of the stuff you pack, trust me. I packed as much as possible into a carryon for my honeymoon in Maui and filled the checked bag with the rest!! Have fun! x