Wedding Hair: Up vs. Down

Wedding Hair: Up vs. Down

I’ve been researching wedding hair for a while now.  I want an effortless and elegant look, but I am stuck between wearing my hair up or down.  I love the look of long flowing hair and the youthfulness it gives, but wearing  my hair up makes me feel more sophisticated and timeless. I still have some time to decide, but in the end I want to choose whichever hairstyle I feel most comfortable and “me” in.

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  1. I had mine down with big curls for the ceremony and had them do a side pony tail with messy curls & a vintage flower with rhinestones for the reception. I just couldn't decide on those two hair styles so i had to have them both.

  2. i love them both! i think down is very pretty, the old hollywood glamour style waves are gorgeous!

  3. Emma Watson's hairstyle in the botton left corner would look stunning on you! It looks like an effortless up-do, yet sophisticated and pulled together!

  4. It really depends on what your dress looks like. If the top is fairly simple or strapless, wear your hair down. Otherwise, up looks really elegant.

  5. As everyone said, it depends what your dress looks like and if you're showing off your back or not. But, I can see half up, half down with lots of waves! – J

  6. Choose whatever looks best with your dress!! If it has a gorgeous back detail you would probably want to wear it up! That's how I made my decision!

  7. Sounds like a familiar issue I had just a few short years ago. Ultimately hair up won mostly because my hair is unruly and I was getting married outside…in June…in the South. I'm sure whatever your decision, it'll be gorgeous. Your taste is impeccable!


  8. i follow you on instagram and im a big fan i think ur gorgeous! i think you should wear it down for the ceremony and then pull it up for the reception. i really like how hilary duff had her hair for her wedding. just a thought. ur beautiful Xo

  9. Why choose?! I had both styles…up for the ceremony and down for the reception!

    Love your blog!!! ♥