Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- What I bought

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- What I bought

Top & Jeans Marc by Marc Jacobs via Nordstrom

I bought this chambray top and maroon colored jeans on my Nordstrom shopping excursion. These jeans are really comfortable and the color is ideal for fall, not to mention they will get a lot of use here in SF. I have already worn this chambray top multiple times and it will definitely be coming with me to Italy next weekend. Did I just say next weekend?! Yes, I did. We are getting married next weekend and I cannot wait!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before it ends and all of the wonderful Fall stuff goes back to full-price.

This post is brought to you by Nordstrom.

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  1. Oh WOW! I have recently started following your blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE your style! I am getting married in November this year… so would LOVE to see pics/ advise of your wedding! Sounds dreamy in Italy! :) Congrats and everything of the best!
    Robyn from South Africa

  2. Wow how exciting about your wedding being so close! I love that top, but I've got to say that it might actually be a bit warm for Italy! I've only just got back from there and it was soooo hot all I wanted to wear was light cotton flowy things! ;)

    Life Etc

  3. These photos are beyond gorgeous! You look so great and love the outfit you chose.

    My jewelry blog:

  4. Both of these are such versatile pieces that I think you will wear a lot. I've tried to stay away from the sale, but I might have to go give it a little peek. Happy wedding week!

  5. You have such a beautiful style! The jean tee is just as cute as your new jeans. love your blog!