Purple Pick-Me-Up

Purple Pick-Me-Up

Dress / Sunglasses / Purse / Bracele t/ Nail Polish / Watch / Blouse / Necklace / Flats / Journal

Lately I have realized that I don’t have many purple items in my closet, which is surprising because lavender is one  of my favorite colors.  I was inspired by this Dorothy Perkins polka dot dress (on sale for $29!!!) and decided to put together a wish list of purple items that I would love to have magically appear in my closet.

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  1. Purple is also one of my favorite colors, but I tend to have a lot of everything else in my closet. I guess I'm looking for the perfect purple item!

  2. That lavender polka dot dress is so lovely! I don't own many purple/lavender items either..hmm need to fix that! :)

  3. I have to admit, purple is not a color I reach for a lot but I'm always surprised how many purple pieces I end up loving. Everything you picked is great, but especially that dress–so cute!