Last Days In Amalfi

Last Days In Amalfi

Blue swim suit cover up: Random beach boutique in Amalfi, Hat J. Crew, Sandals Madewell, Bag Toss Boutique, Chiffon cover-up: Random beach boutique in Amalfi, Sunglasses Dior

Hey Guys! I’m currently in NY for Fashion Week, but I had two more posts from our honeymoon that I want to share with you guys. So here ya go!

Thomas and I spent our last few days in Amalfi (and sadly, of our honeymoon) lounging around either our hotel’s pool or their beach. We also loved taking the short ten minute walk down into the small town of Amalfi, where we did a little local shopping and had, hands down, the best gelato of the trip! It was the most perfect and relaxing way to end the best honeymoon ever!

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