Favorite’s From Fab

Favorite’s From Fab

Fab is addictive. It’s one of those sites that keeps you coming back for more and you’re always pleasantly surprised when you do. The site is curated with beautiful designs and brands from all over the world. You can discover something new each day from art, jewelry, furniture, clothes, even stationery- they have something for everyone. I am always looking for new inspiration, new designers and new brands to learn about and incorporate into my life. Fab is a great place for not only discovery, but also connecting with designers and sharing your new discoveries with friends.

My favorite sales going on today are Found Objects embroidered safari totes and Fauna & Flora nature-inspired jewelry. Both sales are full of color and impeccably designed. I’m drawn to items that are full of color and add a little fun to my everyday life. I also really love the intricate, detailed jewelry by Rand Papele and the classic handbags by W118 by Walter Baker.

Check out Fab and I promise you won’t be disappointed…and you’ll probably be hooked just like I am!

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