How-To: Top Knot

How-To: Top Knot

Step 1: Part hair down the middle and gather at base of neck
Step 2: Pull hair into a high ponytail, leaving the part
Step 3: Hold base of ponytail with one hand a twist the ponytail with the other hand

Step 4: Once the ponytail is twisted, start to wrap around into a bun
Step 5. Secure with a hair tie

Step 6. Pull a few loose hairs down for a laid-back look

I wear my hair like this multiple times throughout the week when I’m
too lazy to do anything else. It’s quick, simple and easy and can be
worn up high or at the base of the neck as well.

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  1. So cute! Do you have naturally wave hair or do you add some waves before putting it up? Thanks for the tip about the middle part first too- I will have to try!

  2. I always need to use more than one hair tie or bobby pins, the hair tie always falls out for me! I don't know what's up with my hair. I've also found that using some product in it or teasing it helps it stay up. I love your hair color!


  3. You look great! It looks easy but i have problem with my hair can't hold the shape long even I secure it with pin. And your head shape is also good. Lucky girl. However, thankyou:)

  4. I have such thin hair I'm always worried that my bun will look so tiny-usually I stick with the sock bun :) but I like this look with the center part and the twisting of the pony tail might do the trick for me! Thanks love this look!

  5. I will have to try your method of leaving the part, it looks so cute! I always have so much trouble getting a top knot in my hair. Hopefully this works!

  6. My layers do not lend themselves well to this! I use a sock bun though and it works wonders for those of us not quite as talented (or who blame it on the layers, like me!)

  7. Looks so quick and easy! I love it! Any suggestions for someone who cannot part down the middle right now (I am in the process of growing out my side swept bangs and it is hard to part in the middle without them going everywhere!)

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. aaaaaah!!! your post just made me miss my hair even more. i chopped it off and got bangs this summer and totally regret it. :(


  9. I tried doing that way but my hair can't hold the bun.I have to many layers and my hair is thick and wavy.

  10. I tried this this morning per your recommendation… I love it! Looks great and took literally two minutes!!! Thanks for sharing!