10 Quick Ways to Style Long & Short Hair

10 Quick Ways to Style Long & Short Hair

Amanda and I put together a feature for The Everygirl showing 10 Quick Ways to Style Long & Short Hair. We have another series coming up in two weeks showing 10 more unique hairstyles that are bit more complicated, but still easy to do. I hope you guys enjoy and make sure to share the hairstyles with us when you try them out with the hashtag: #everygirlhair

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  1. Hi,
    I saw on your Instagram that you’re going blonder.
    Do you have picture’s yet?

    Love this post,

    Regards, Tamara

  2. I love your blog!!! Do you think taking the biotin vitamin helped your eyelashes and hair grow? Or does it just make them healthier? I’m thinking about buying some!

  3. These are all nice ideas BUT there is no ideas for short hair i.e. hair that is in a pixie cut not mid length