Heart-Shaped Chanel

Heart-Shaped Chanel

Top c/o Fifteen Twenty/ Jeans Madewell/ Boots Michael Kors/ Necklace Vintage Chanel c/o LXR & Co./ Purse vintageChanel

Last week, I received this gorgeous heart-shaped Chanel necklace from LXR & Co. I felt like this necklace was made for me since I love hearts and I love Chanel. It’s definitely become one of my most treasured items and I have on display when I’m not wearing it. LXR & Co. has the most amazing vintage luxury goods- everything from Louis Vuitton to YSL to Prada.

I feel so lucky to have not one, but two pieces of vintage Chanel in my wardrobe now (the first was my grandmother’s Chanel bag). Both items I will have forever and can someday pass down :)


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  1. ow that chanel heart is beautiful. I love this chanel bag. Its really a “dream bag” for me and I save right now money to buy it next summer. I’m so excited when I know the day when I can go to buy it :)) will be an amazing day for me.
    Love your outfit. The top is adorable. Love the style and that pretty blue color.
    xo, Petra


  2. I love that your Chanel bag was your grandmother’s! I truly believe the best handbags are vintage and handed down. It makes them even more special!

  3. Wow you are stunning. I love your necklace and the color of your top. It really makes you glow!


  4. Beautiful Julia! I am so obsessed with your eyelashes. Do you think you could do a blogpost describing your Latisse experience? Would so value that! Thanks :)


    stephaniesterjovski.com | ssprintshop.com

  5. They gave that to you? How nice!

    What camera lens is used here and what are the settings? Thanks!

  6. Ok…first, you look gorgeous. That color blue is amazing on you. Secondly…that necklace! Wow! You really are lucky :) I signed up for LXR & Co about a week ago. They really DO have great pieces. I love their prices too.

    xoxo Azu


    1. I agree. So hard to keep reading when you just flaunt how much money you spend on clothing. Very narcissistic of you.

      1. Hello Holly, I’m not sure what you mean by “flaunt how much money you spend on clothing” when I clearly stated that the necklace and bag were both gifts. I’m sorry you feel that way, thank you for stopping by though.

        1. I’m so sorry! I really love your style, I just wish I could afford the clothes I see on your blog. I was having a horrendous day and I left a horrible comment. You didn’t deserve that and I apologize. I’ve felt bad ever since I left it :(

  7. I just clicked on the link to the blue top you’re wearing, and you wear it 1000x better than their model! hahaha. gorgeous as always! :)

  8. I’m in love with your bag. I started a savings account on my birthday specifically titled Chanel – on my 30th birthday (in 5 years haha) I’m walking into Chanel and buying the bag of my dreams :)