Hair Care

Hair Care

I haven’t always had good hair. I grew up having naturally very thick, straight hair that was light brown with some natural blonde highlights (very similar to what it is now). Towards the end of high school, I got bored with my hair and to my mother’s dismay I dyed it blonde. That was beginning of my hair trauma. After that, I went dark brown then blonde again then back to brown…over and over. All of that can really take a toll on your hair. I remember always wanting long gorgeous hair, but for some reason could never get it to grow past a certain point. After a terrible experience of having my hair accidentally dyed almost orange (!!!) I told myself enough was enough. I did some research and decided to start treating my hair right.

The first step in my new hair care routine was to take a daily b-complex vitamin (I have also taken biotin). My hair was so damaged at that point, that my hair dresser suggested I switch to a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush because my hair was so delicate when wet. I also cut back on blow drying and straightening as much as possible. I now actually prefer to air dry my hair whenever I can. I also tested out many products and my favorite by far is Kerastase. I use a tiny amount of the Elixir oil on my wet hair when I get out of the shower, then the Ciment Thermique right before I style my hair and finish with the Aqua Seal. It has been a couple years now and I can honestly say that if you’re nice to your hair, it will be nice to you!


  • Drink lots of water
  • Take Vitamins like B-Complex
  • Use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush


  • Try to avoid using a blow dryer and opt to air dry as much as possible
  • Don’t over process your hair with dyes and coloring
  • Don’t sleep with your hair in a pony tail (it will break off hairs while you are sleeping)

*I order all of my Kerastase hair products from Amazon because they are a lot less expensive.

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  1. i agree that kerastase products are amazing. i used to use them exclusively for years! definitely great products. my hair dresser always gives me a kerastase deep conditioning treatment every time i get my hair done and i love it! i’ve been considering taking biotin myself…so thank you for the reminder. you have THE most gorgeous hair.

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  2. thank you for the post! I remember you showed in one in your vids the aveda daily damage remedy, would you recommend it also ? or the cement by kerastase is better? thank you again, I always envy your hair, but in a good way :) XO

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! Your hair is absolutely gorgeous, and I’ve been wondering how you keep it looking so. I’m kind of in a similar boat that you were in hair-wise – the recovery process. I’ve been loving Kerastase products too. The Ciment Thermique and Ciment Anti-Usure have been working wonders for me. I’ll have to look into the Elixir Oil and Aqua Seal.

  4. I was hoping you would do a hair care post! Thank you! Can you also share what shampoo/conditioner you use and whether you shampoo daily or do you do the every other day, 2-3 days method? Love your blog!

  5. I also completely adore Kerastase products. There are so many girls that I talk to that have either never heard of Kerastase or refuse to spend money on high end products. I can truly say that my hair has come so far since I learned to protect it properly. I had chest length, thick, natural red hair until I left high school and then the fun began, bleach blonde, brown, GREEN, pixie cut… and ever since I hadn’t been able to grow it much longer than chin length as it would break off. My stylist told me that I needed to stop coloring it and start treating it like silk if I ever wanted to have long lengths ever again. =)

    Chelsea @ How I Dwell Now

  6. Love this -I can never get enough hair tips! Have you tried argan oil/ Moroccan hair oil? A little goes a long way and it’s SO great for your hair!

  7. Yesss.. on so many levels. I am naturally light brown and it always bored me so I went back and forth between dark dark brown and highlights and low lights. The damage wasn’t awful, but I needed serious intervention. I’m not back to natural and haven’t dyed in a year. I cut my hair every 4-6 weeks to keep it fresh.

  8. I JUST heard about this brand from a girl I work with just last week who has the most gorgeous long hair! I have long hair, but it is FAR from nice. I’ve done all the coloring and highlights known to [wo]man and I finally decided that I want to stop coloring my hair, and wouldn’t ya know it, now I have a few grey’s right in front! GO FIGURE! But I definitely think if you’re going to have long hair, it is worth the money to actually take care of it, who wants long, nasty, scraggly hair?! Thanks for re-iterating this to me, I’m going on Amazon right now!

  9. Thank you for the tips. Do you know that amazon guarantees that the Kerastase products are guaranteed to be the real deal on amazon? I know that most retailers will not sell their products to sites like amazon.

  10. What great products you suggested. I totally need to invest in them Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great weekend.


  11. I found this very helpful! I am hitting the point of not being able to grow my hair past a point.

    Thanks so much!

  12. Great post. How often do you use a curling iron? Is that how you get your hair so perfectly wavy?

    I take Biotin right now (I have been for about 2 months). If I’m taking that, do you suggest taking b-complex instead or in addition to?

    LOVE LOVE the blog!

    1. I try and stay away from hot tools, but I do curl my hair a lot. I probably do it once or twice a week. I also use a 1 1/1 inch barrel curling iron.

  13. Ciment thermique is one of my favorite products. Kerastase products are definitely an investment but so worth it. I’ve been considering biotin supplements and I think I’m going to start taking them. It’s such a process to grow out my hair. Thanks for sharing. Your hair is gorgeous!!

  14. I’ve also learned over time that using a comb on wet hair makes a big difference! And you can’t go wrong with Kerastase! All their products are amazing! I’m fortunate that my best friend is my hair stylist and is able to get them at a steap discount!

  15. Thanks for posting!! How long did it take to get from damaged to this point? My hair is pretty curly, so unfortunately I cannot let it air dry everyday :( So keeping it healthy is tough!!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Melissa, It took a good year and a half but then I had another hair drama and it’s been about 7 months since then :)

  16. I’ve actually been look for some healthy hair tips, I’m horrible with hair! I way over blow dry and I’ve dyed it so many times!

  17. I found them for even cheaper on Feel unique … maybe it isn’t cheaper in the us but Amazon UK are still more expensive than feel unique … :) great tips though you have amazing hair x

  18. Thank you for the amazon tip. I’ve been eyeing up Keratise for a while now but it’s so pricey! I’ve also started taking biotin pills after I cut off all of my hair (oops) so I’m hoping the growing out process won’t be too difficult!

  19. You have the most healthy and beautiful looking hair! I’m glad that you shared these tips, I’ve been considering taking biotin daily and might start doing so now after seeing this. I’m so tempted to die my hair to a lighter shade of blonde, but so worried about going back and forth with color like you did.
    xo Tess

  20. Yes, yes, yes. I love this post. You have absolutely stunning hair. I have been using Kerastase products for a few years now and love them, too. I have cut back on blow drying SO much and my hair has never looked better. It’s the longest it’s ever been in my adult life. I have a hard time not sleeping with it in a ponytail because I get so hot and literally wake myself up from sweating – I use a cotton headband wrapped loosely around the pony to avoid breakage. Also, I read somewhere that keeping your hair off your face while sleeping prevents oils to go on your face for breakouts. Great post!!

  21. Thank you for the tips — any suggestions for how to wear your hair when sleeping? I’m used to putting it in a pony tail, so I’m not really sure what to do…

    Thank you!


  22. what kind of B-complex vitamins do you take?
    I really want to start taking some but there are so many different brands out there that i’m not sure where to start!

  23. Your hair story is exactly like mine, back in eighth grade I got bleach highlights then I died my hair blonde by myself and it became orangeish and I freaked out so I went to the hairdresser and she had to bleach my hair 3 time before I got the orange out! My hair was so limp and falling out I did not know what to do. I invested money in a better straightener and I also try to air dry my hair and sometimes just blow dry it a few minutes when it is almost dry. I am still working on getting pretty hair but like you said it does take time! (: thanks for your advice