Around The Home: Colorful Fresh Flowers

Around The Home: Colorful Fresh Flowers

::Pink roses & a framed card my girlfriend sent me::

::White hydrangeas in this Kate Spade NY vase::

::Bright yellow ranunculus- One my absolute favorite flower)::

One of my favorite things to do is to stop by one of our local flower shops and pick up a few bundles of fresh flowers (weekly, if I can). There is something about fresh flowers that instantly brightens up my day. The more colorful, the better. I love not only how they look, but how they somehow bring happiness along with them. Do you know what I mean? I can’t help but smile when I look at them :)

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  1. Flowers always add a lovely touch to the home. They remind me of spring and always make me smile when I see them. Gorgeous flowers and pics xo

  2. I really like the vase in your first photo. Where can I find it or one like it? I love your blog so much! Keep up the great work :)

  3. Totally understand! Sometimes I think that fresh flowers are expensive but the amount of joy they bring into our daily lives is not measured by the cash we spend.
    Love your cute decor

  4. love the idea of a framed card. how did you get your husband to accept such a girly home? i am having a hard time with that! LOL


  5. I just got engaged and registered early since I’m having an engagement party. I registered for that Kate Spade vase, a matching bowl and 2 champagne flutes. I love the subtle polka dots. So sweet! Hopefully my future husband won’t think they’re too girly :)

  6. I do love when I make the effort to pick up some flowers. I got the prettiest pink tulips yesterday and they’ve brightened up the lounge so much. Definitely needed colour when the weather is so dark and grey.

  7. Just starting to decorate my new home and I am looking for the perfect neutral paint colour ( that isn’t bright white). Love this paint colour…do you remember the brand and name of the paint you used?!?

    1. Hi Lindsay,

      We didn’t paint the walls ( we are renting) and that was the color that was already there. Sorry I couldn’t help!