Boyfriend Blazer

Boyfriend Blazer

Blazer Vince/ Top (dress worn as top) c/o Style by Marina/ Shorts Eight Sixty/ Tights Target/ Trench Gryphon (also here)/ Necklace c/o Stella & Dot/ Heels Jimmy Choo

One thing that I don’t touch that much on here is how Thomas and I both have picked up photography through blogging. Neither one of us had ever used a DSLR camera before starting the blog. I saved up and bought my first camera thinking I was going to have these amazing, clear photographs right away. Boy, was I wrong! It was so much harder than I had ever imagined and there was so much to learn! Thomas and I would both watch countless Youtube videos and read photography blogs, trying to learn the basics and grow from there. It’s a learning process and there will always be more to learn, but I’m so proud of where we have come in our photography skills. It’s something that is not only beneficial for the blog, but life in general. We both love capturing images- I love taking pictures of inspirational things and documenting memories, while Thomas enjoys nature and landscape.

Thomas takes almost all of the pictures for Gal Meets Glam, except the occasional home decor pictures and has really mastered the skill of portrait photography. He really is the one who knows what he is doing over here, while I’m still learning from him! With that being said, we are currently working on a post that will cover the basics of photography (mainly for bloggers) and would love to get some of your input so we can cover topics that will be helpful! What types of questions would you guys like us to cover? Is there any specific detail you would like us to elaborate on? Please leave any questions you guys have in the comments below or feel free to send me an email! :)

*We were having fun playing around shooting in black and white on Sunday!

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  1. When I upgraded from my rinky dink point and shoot to a dslr I too thought that the photos would instantly vastly improve; boy was I wrong! Haha.. Since buying my first dslr, I’ve upgraded with a second one, and even though both were purchased by me, it’s my number 1 guy behind the blog who actually knows how to operate it. We’ve taken classes, read tips and watched videos and while I can manage the basics, he’s the one who truly has built a skill being behind the lens. The best tip I’ve learned and found to be true with photography is true for most anything, practice definitely is key.

  2. PERFECT!! I am in love with this look, you pull it off perfectly! The structured blazer with the statement necklace and casual hairstyle is my go-to outfit for February.

  3. Great idea! I know this might not be an issue with the nature of your photographs being portraits, but my biggest issue with my dslr is getting shots of moving subjects. I can’t seem to get the camera to focus particularly if I’m not outside in bright light – for instance, we live in New England and work full-time so many of my pictures are taken in the evening in our house (i.e., not ideal lighting). I bring the ISO up to compensate, which downgrades the quality unfortunately, and then I bring the f-stop up but it gets dark again :( Or sometimes I don’t get the focus right even when the people are still because it only focuses on one face and the others blur. Sigh…and I’ve read a lot about this!

    Also, I love your blog!

    1. One thing that might help is to switch your camera from autofocus to continuous, which makes the camera constantly adjust focus with moving objects. Might be one thing to try :)

      And thanks Julia (and Thomas) for the tutorial on blog photos, I definitely want to get better with my dSLR.

  4. Love your outfit, hairstyle and makeup (the cheek contouring looks great!) :)