Early Mornings

Early Mornings

Coat Vince (now on sale)/ Sweater Madewell/ Jeans J Brand/ Booties J. Crew/ Glasses Ray Ban

I already miss Little St. Simons Island and the cozy mornings we spent drinking tea and eating ginger cookies. We are back in SF now and I’m actually really glad to be back on a schedule. I’m in the process of getting everything organized- one of my goals for 2013- and it’s already proving to be so helpful. I’m planning on writing down all of goals and lists of things I want to achieve this year. What are some of your goals?

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  1. Ive been looking for u but i can see you’ve moved!
    As usual, great shots! X


  2. Absolutely stunning! You look gorgeous Julia. I love that polka dot sweater!


  3. Would love to know the answers the questions your readers are asking, pretty please!

  4. What a cozy look.

    One of my goals is to maintain my current weight and eat more healthy.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Lovely look, i have to remember to come back to your outfits for inspiration when its winter time here, right now in AUS its a sweltering 40C!
    Organisation is such a big, difficult goal for me, one of my other goals for this year is to try and be a calmer person!

  6. I am obsessed with that sweater! I just stumbled upon your blog and what do you know? You’re talking about Little St. Simons! I’m from Georgia and my family and I visit there all the time. I hope you had the time of your life!


  7. Okay, now THIS may be one of my favorites! That jacket is unreal! You look so comfortable and chic! Very wearable which is SO important!! I want this!!! Great styling!


  8. Hi Julia! One of your most recent posts linked to this page, and so I found myself revisiting this post and reading your explanation of the photos. I remember back in January, reading this post had me inspired, and I can’t help but think about how you must feel as you re-read it as well. You have come so far and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve met and exceeded all of the goals you were thinking about when you wrote this post. Congratulations! As a fan of your blog since the beginning, I am so impressed and inspired by your success. Stay fabulous!