Early Mornings

Early Mornings

Coat Vince (now on sale)/ Sweater Madewell/ Jeans J Brand/ Booties J. Crew/ Glasses Ray Ban

I already miss Little St. Simons Island and the cozy mornings we spent drinking tea and eating ginger cookies. We are back in SF now and I’m actually really glad to be back on a schedule. I’m in the process of getting everything organized- one of my goals for 2013- and it’s already proving to be so helpful. I’m planning on writing down all of goals and lists of things I want to achieve this year. What are some of your goals?

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  1. Wow, 44 pins in one day! Great job. I do love this outfit and am so loving the cabin. It looks right out of a PB catalog shoot. You look so effortlessly chic. I must admit-I love that polka dot top!

  2. Love the polka dot sweater, and booties!
    I am working on being more organized as well in 2013!
    Love your blog, please follow my blog!


  3. such an adorable sweater! and looks like such a cozy morning :)
    Did you lighten your hair? looks good anyway!
    writing down your goals is such a good idea and I find it helps me remember what I’m working towards :)

  4. Your brows are perfect! My BFF just moved to the San Fran area and has been going crazy looking for a place to get hers done. May I ask where you go?

  5. Love these photos Julia – you look so cozy and effortlessly chic and this looks like just about the best place to have a retreat to. Best of luck with your organizational skill goals this year… my goals are quite similar!

    Happy New Year!

  6. I know this is a strange question but I was wondering what size your Vince jacket is? Also if you feel that it runs true to size or not? Thank you so much for your help!

  7. I love this outfit, so casual and relaxed but put together. You always look great. That coat is fantastic! I wish it were more practical for New York winters. It’s way too cold here to accommodate an open coat.

  8. Also what color are you wearing on your lips? Gorge! I really encourage you to always post your lip color with all of your outfits as well, because you wear such lovely ones all the time!