Pink & White

Pink & White

Coat Forever 21/ Sweater Gap/ Jeans Goldsign/ Bag Miu Miu/ Heels B Brian Atwood/ Lipgloss Stila in “Fawn” (came in this trio)/ Nail polish Essie “Absolutely Shore”

This past weekend, Thomas and I had our friends over for dinner Saturday and spent Sunday sipping mimosas and getting hooked on Homeland. It definitely was not the most productive weekend, but I sure enjoyed being a little lazy ;) I also want to thank you for all of your helpful comments and tips on ways to stay in shape and be healthy. I’m trying to put together some goals and a plan- We’ll see how that goes!

P.S. I used this clip free curling iron to get these curls. I have naturally pin-straight hair, so this kind of curliness does not happen very often! I felt like I had naturally curly hair all weekend. (Confession: I wanted curly hair so bad when I was little, I convinced my mom to let me get a perm in the 5th grade. It didn’t turn out so well…)

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  1. Love the pink and white! I could never pull that off. I wanted curly hair so bad when I was a kid that I used to sleep with rollers in my hair! lol I’m a big fan of the clip free curling iron for except I’ve burnt myself so many times on it. Does that happen to you?

  2. I’ve followed your site for several months now, and this is by far one of my favorite looks!

  3. Love this Julia! I have the same Gap sweater and love the F21 coat in the nude color – may I ask what size coat you’re wearing? I have a hard time getting that chunky sweater underneath my coats so I’d be curious to know before I buy it. Thanks!! xo

  4. What a great buy. Love the coat and the color.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post Chic in Valentino.


  5. Beautiful color on you! It’s amazing how pink has the capacity to be bright and bold in some shades and soft and ethereal in others. Loving your hair! I have very curly hair (think Keri Russell’s “Felicity” days, but a bit looser). All I ever wanted was stick straight hair. Now I just want loose waves. I’ll trade you. I’m convinced we want the hair we don’t naturally have. :)

  6. Love this look! I used to have a very similar jacket and was so sad when it was too thread-bare to wear. I may have to scoop up this coat from Forever 21…at that price, I can’t let it slip away! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love this look! I know you usually wear skirts and dresses, but this outfit shows just how chic and feminine pants can be!

  8. Hi there new follower here. I think I have been reading your blog for a month now. But I really love your outfits. For example this one is so me. I love everything pink and that coat is now on my must have list. I love how you paired it with all white. This outfit is so beautiful words are not enough.

  9. Such a lovely outfit! Perfectly girly without going over the top and a great post holiday winter outfit. Love!