Tiny Dots

Tiny Dots

UO Shirt (old, similar here), Eight Sixty Shorts (old, similar here), Joie Wedges, Saint Laurent Bag, Bare Minerals “Live It Up”, Gucci Sunglasses

I fell in love with these Joie wedges the moment I saw them on their Instagram. I stopped by the store on Fillmore the next day and picked them up. They add significant height to my 5’5” frame and are actually really comfortable. I’ll be wearing them all summer long! I’ve also had these silk shorts for years and still wear them constantly. If you don’t have a great pair of silk shorts, I definitely recommend picking a pair up.

Photography by Kim A. Thomas

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  1. LOVE the teeny tiny polka dots – who doesn’t love a good dot? The shorts and shoes addition look comfy and stylish – our fav combo!

  2. A shoe that looks better with your body style would improve this look and these shorts with the top would look best if they fit a bit better. I agree with the statement above, you need to watch out for shoes and pants that makes your legs look heavy and short. This shirt is tightly tailored in style, and think your body type would look better with one that fits better in the shoulders and hips,this almost looks too small – a give away is the gaping in the bottom edge in the second photo. By widening your shoulders you reduce the size of everything below. The shorts have an elastic waist and an athletic styling , yet you have tucked in the shirt. I would only tuck in the shirt if the shorts had a jean build with waistband and belt loops etc. Glad you stayed away from shorts that have a cuff. For your body style, the shorts are too short which makes your thighs the center of attention. A longer short that is more tailored will make your legs look slimmer and longer. If you want a wedge, reduce the height of the wedge and choose a pair that have no ankle strap. Add some bracelets or other jewelry. Like the print of the shirt, try opening one more button on the top to allow the shirt to hang better love the overall style here. Look closely at the details of how your clothes fit and what cuts of clothing look best for your body type. Good look and fun for summer!