10 Days, 10 Ways- CLOSED

10 Days, 10 Ways- CLOSED

Over the past 10 days, I’ve been using Pantene’s Ultimate 10 Collection and created a hair journal along the way. Since I knew I would be documenting my hair, I tried to get really creative and do something completely different on each day. It’s always fun to try out new hairstyles and honestly, the possibilities are endless!

Haircare has always been important to me and I try and take the best care of mine as I can. I take a few daily vitamins, but at the end of the day, it’s what you do to it/put on it that has the real effect. When Pantene contacted me, I thought “Why Not?” I’m always up for trying something new. They sent me a package with the Ultimate 10 collection, which includes a shampoo, conditioner and BB créme (yes, a BB créme for your hair!) I am completely in love with this BB créme! Not only does it smell so good, but it leaves your hair feeling amazing and so healthy and shiny. Instead of having to use a bunch of different products, the new Ultimate 10 collection aims to satisfy all your hair needs. This will in turn, cut down your beauty routine time and leave more time for other things! (like actually doing your hair) I’ve been known for having quite the hair care routine and use at least three products after I get out of the shower, so I loved only using the BB créme once I washed my hair.

Pantene is also giving one lucky Gal Meets Glam reader the Ultimate 10 Collection plus the new Sarah Potempa Jetsetter Mini (that’s not even out yet!). Just leave a comment on this post letting me know why you want to win! And trust me, your hair will be thanking you after those 10 days.

You can view more of my complete hair journal on Pinterest here!

This post was sponsored by Pantene, but all opinions are my own :)

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  1. This post is going to be very helpful now that I have a shorter cut.

    Thanks Julia

  2. Beautiful hair. Can you tell us what kind and what shade of red lipstick you have on in Day 4? Thank you.

  3. I love all the different hair looks! They will help when I get into a styling rut…hate that! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  4. This blog was so fun! I never know what to do with my hair and it always seems so blah… But these are some great ideas and I hope I win the Pantene care package for my hair!! :)

  5. I love all your hair styles. I’ve been trying so hard to grow mine out for several years. I feel like its at a stand still. But, you’ve given me fun ideas to try. Although, being a new mom it’s hard to find the time to even shower let alone do my hair. ;-) but thanks for sharing.


  6. I LOVE this haircut. I would like to see a picture of the back of it!

  7. In need of new hair products! I think the BB Creme would be great for my hair!!

  8. I love this!!! Very cute looks! And I would love to know where you got your shirt from on Day 5?

  9. I love this haircut! Do you have a picture of the back. Thanks in advance.

  10. Has anyone ever told you you look like Emma Watson?? Because you do o.o

    Nice hairstyles, btw! I found this post because someone had pinned it to Pinterest :)

  11. I have the most unmanageable hair which includes curls,frizz,and color and I’m too old too keep wearing ponytails? What To Do?

  12. Just stumbled upon this post thru Pinterest! I love the guide to hair :) Thanks for what you do here on your blog! Where did you get some of these cute things – the black top with white daisies is so great.

  13. I love the length and A-line hair cut! I think this might be the change my “long for way too long hair needs!” Your bb creme review had also spiked my interest, I will check it out!

  14. Hi, what colour do you have in your hair? Is it an all over blonde or highlights?

  15. How do you curl your hair in the day 4 photo to get the loose curls? Thank you for sharing. All the styles are very nice.

  16. how did you curl your hair on day 10 .. mine is the same length but when I curl it , it gets soo crazy and short ..

    1. Use a 2inch curling iron and dont use the clamp. then brush it out if you want it looser.

  17. After seeing this post, I cut all of my hair off to look just like it! Thanks for the inspiration! I can’t wait to try out all of these style with it!

  18. Are we still playing this give away? I would love a chance at these products. I love your ideas & wish I could get my hair to do the same! I can never go ten days without washing my hair. Thanks for your post. Definitely inspiring.

  19. Hi Glam gal. I want to win because I’ve been in a 6 year (denial) hair slump. My hair has gone from coarse, full of body and curly to strait, fly away and flat.

    I need to get over the denial and get to know my new hair …
    New reader

  20. I love the different looks I am willing to try the pantene line. I have always liked their products but have not heard of their be creame. I am getting older and noticed such a change in my hair your pictures give me inspiration.

  21. Why would I like to win? Bc your hair looks perfect!! Who. Wouldn’t want these products? Pantenes great stuff!

  22. My hair has always been dry. No matter what I do to it nothing fixes it. I’ve used several products in the past that just haven’t seem to have done the trick. I would LOVE to see if this product works for my hair. I’m always stuck with the same look everyday and I love the different looks you have this would defiantly make my life so much easier.
    Thanks for the great tips!


  23. This is so crazy! I came across a picture of this blogpost with just 4 hairstyles on Pinterest a couple of months ago. I thought your hair was so pretty, I went to my hairdresser and said: “that’s what I want”. I loved the hairstyle and my hairdresser did it perfectly. It’s too bad my hair isn’t naturally straight, which makes it difficult to style.

    And now I’ve found your blog and I can’t stop reading through the posts! You make such lovely posts :) x