A Touch Of Sparkle

A Touch Of Sparkle

Shoshanna Dress c/o, Fendi Bag and Scarf, Miu Miu Flats, Michael Kors Watch, Sarah Chloe Bangle via BaubleBar

A tailored sheath dress and flats is always my go-to for a long day of meetings. It always looks polished and professional, but I add small touches (like the sparkle on these flats) for personality. These flats were pretty much my dream shoe: mary-jane stye (love!), flats (practical for SF) and an unexpected sparkle on the heel (done right, too!) My girlfriend said to me “those shoes were made for you” and I had to agree.

Photography by Kim A. Thomas

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  1. This is one of my favorites of your’s Julia! It’s bright and fun, yet sophisticated and elegant. Gorgeous!

  2. Those are my dream shoes, and they look incredible on you! The small touch of sparkle is the perfect detail. Loving your Shosanna dress, as well :)

  3. Julia, I am absolutely smitten with this dress. You have no idea! It just scream sophistication. Esp with that silk scarf. You look wonderful. Lovely look! xo

  4. I love the stones on the shoes, it’s such a nice touch! I also really like how you’ve tied your scarf!

  5. I am totally stealing this idea. I’m obsessed with the “Swan” shoes…I’ve been looking for decent knockoffs…but this is unreal! And I love the idea that you can make them in any colour you want.