Holiday Gift Guide: The Guy

Holiday Gift Guide: The Guy

Sunglasses/ Jacket/ Watch/ Vest/ Cologne/ Tie/ Belt/ Kiehl’s Gift Set/ Headphones/ Coat/ Shirt/ Slippers/ Beer Making Kit/ Wallet/ Scarf/ Bag/ Vest/ Jacket/ Portable Speakers 

I don’t know about you guys, but I got a head start on my holiday shopping this past weekend. I’m in full Christmas mode (music, decor and all) and love searching for the perfect gift for everyone. Todays ‘Holiday Gift Guide’ is a one-stop shop of gifts for guys from Nordstrom. Shopping for my guy (or any guy) takes a lot more thought and effort. I always try and get my husband something that he wants, but just doesn’t know it yet! I love the Peter Millar collection, this jacket and shirt are two things I’m contemplating getting him, but a nice sports coat may rule over both of those.

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  1. I also have a gift guide for men on my blog today !! You phrased it to perfectly…gift for your guy that he doesn’t know he needs yet !!! Love that !!! My husband is the WORST to buy for…he wants a Breitling this year….eye roll!!!
    I found the cutest Jack Spade cuff links from Nordstrom !! Love that store!!!
    Great picks!


  2. I love the gift guide! I love buying stuff for my boyfriend, because he rarely shops for himself so I love to spoil him during the Holidays! I got a seasonal job at JCrew so I got everyone tons of JCrew gifts this year with my stellar discount! Score!