Sequins & Faux Fur

Sequins & Faux Fur

I think it’s important to always push yourself passed your comfort zone in not only your style, but in all aspects of life. Sometimes I’m intimated to wear something even if I really like it because I’m afraid it will be too over-the-top or I won’t fit in. But if we all wore the same thing, that would make for one very boring world- wouldn’t it?
These sequined pants are  a great alternative to the typical holiday dress or skirt and add an element of surprise to any outfit. Here are a few other sequined pants I love…

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  1. Going to be completely honest here…this is not your best. You have a great figure, and you are incredibly beautiful, but the baggy pants and poofy jacket are not doing anything for you at all.

  2. I kind of love that you are sitting in the dirt while wearing sequinned pants and pink faux fur. Awesome!! :)

  3. This outfit is AH-Mazing!! Obsessed with those sequin pants – and that pink faux fur coat is the definition of fabulous! So cute. Happy Friday :)

    x abigail, the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  4. Hi Julia, I was just wondering, do you always wear the outfits that you show on your blog? Meaning, do you wear them all day? I like this outfit, however I’m wondering where do you where this to? :) Since you work from home, do you wear it to dinner or throughout the day? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Jamie,

      Most of the time the outfits on my blog are what I’m wearing that day. I do sometimes get dressed up for pictures to share an outfit I love that I’m planning on wearing for an event or special occasion but that I want to share on my blog :)

      X Julia

  5. That light shade of pink is something I could never personally pull off! And then somehow it still works with the darker shade of pink lipstick. I think this goes to show mixing colors of the same shade can be a good thing… can’t be too matchy-matchy.

  6. You look absolutely stunning julia! I love this look. That jacket is so beautiful and I’m really loving your hair like this. Totally gorgeous and I know what you mean… I’m always so scared to try some things but I try to take the plunge and just do it. Most of the time it always tends to work!!!!

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde