Let’s Do This

Let’s Do This

I’ve always been a very active person and enjoy working out. I work out to feel healthy and fit, not to be skinny or a certain size. I think there is huge difference between the two and how you push your body. I mentioned before how it was a hard transition going from dancing everyday in college and working out with our trainer to being on my own for physical activity. Over the past year, I’ve found spin, pilates and friends I work out with on a regular basis that brought me back to finding workouts I love. My husband and I bought Jawbone Up bands in early December and have found them really useful. For example, if we’re not meeting our step goals by dinner, then we know to take a walk after. It’s little things like that that make a huge difference.

Photography by Em The Gem

I love working out with a partner vs. working out by myself. You hold each other accountable (to actually work out) but also to follow through with each move and not stop because it’s hard or it hurts. Erin, who used to be a personal trainer, and I got together last week and put a mini workout plan together with moves we both love. She gave me so many useful tips and new things to try. If you’re looking for a few simple exercises that you can do at the gym or at home, these are really great:

Warm up – five minutes of movement that gets your heart pumping (fast walking, climbing stairs, jumping jacks, high knees), then stretch lightly
Circuit One – Sclupt your Booty
Hold a weight in each hand (3lbs if you’re just starting out, up to 15lbs if you’ve been working out for a while!)
Walking Lunges (15 reps on each leg)
Standing squats (5 rwide stance, five shoulder-width, five legs together)
Step ups with a kick back(15 on each leg)

Cardio – 60 secs

Mountain climbers
Repeat three times
Circuit Two – Shape those Arms
Have hand weights (3lbs if you’re just starting up to 10lbs if you’ve been working out for awhile)
Angled Push-ups (10 reps)
Dips (15 reps)
Bicep Curl to Overhead Press (10 reps)
Cardio – 60 secs
High knees, run up a hill or climb stairs
Repeat three times
Circuit Three – Chisle those Abs
Stomach crunches with med ball (10 reps)
Bicycle crunches (15 each side)
Straight Arm Plank (hold for 60 secs)
Repeat three times

Wearing: Old Navy Tank, Jacket and Pants/ Nike Sneakers/ Ray Ban Sunglasses

Old Navy has become my go-to destination for workout gear. I hate spending a ton of money on clothes that I sweat in and you really can’t beat the price of Old Navy’s workout gear. I’ve found so many great options that are both cute and function able- the two qualities I look for.

This post is sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy’s latest fashion lineup in store or online at oldnavy.com.

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  1. I find myself much more accountable for my long runs once I joined a running group. Knowing that there were other people ready to get up prior to dawn and run in whatever Mother Nature could throw at us helped get me out of bed and out the door. Prior to joining that running group I skipped or delayed more of my long runs. Good luck with your work outs.


  2. Even though it’s a sponsored post, this may have been one my favorite posts you’ve done in a long time! Love your views on healthy body image, transitioning to being in control of your own work out, and of course that hair braid ;) Keep it up! I’m loving these “lifestyle” posts.

  3. I understand the transition from working out everyday while in college to having to push yourself to get to the gym after graduation. I played varsity volleyball for four years and I never realized how great of a workout it was until I stopped playing. I love this post, and the workouts are excellent! Spin and yoga keep me going, and they make me enjoy working out.


      1. I love her braids too. I work from home and train a lot for my sport but hate how messy my hair looks. I’ll have to look at her tutorials!

  4. I just moved to SF from Seattle about 2 months ago and am still figuring out how to balance time between work and when to work out. In Seattle I loved going to barre classes but haven’t really found the motivation yet because I think I don’t want to go on my own!

    These workouts look great, and can accommodate any lifestyle. Thanks for posting!

    1. Nothing wrong with being pear shaped, that’s what I look like too :) She’s got muscular legs and a booty, that’s what helped her look so good in that black dress a few posts back ;)

  5. I love how you did your hair for this! These are great work out tips Julia- thank you :)


  6. i remember i had to take PE over summer one year in high school and it was the best shape i’ve ever been in. I always want to feel like i did back then- but i always seem to find a way to make excuses. i need to just do it and make it a routine! having great workouts definitely helps! Loved the post Julia!


  7. I love going to classes with friends, we make each other turn up each week! Spin has been my favourite for a long time but I started Zumba last year and I love that too now!

    Five Minute Style 

  8. Julia-
    Thanks for the fun information on looking cute and sweating it out! Your readers are lucky to have a good fashion and health role model. Your body is rocking, keep up your good work.

    Picking up that book!


  9. Great post, your work out looks great and love your hair and work out clothes.

    I also prefer working out with my BF or friend, they really push and motivate you.

    Greetings from London,


  10. What cycling do you do, Julia? And what type of workout do you feel you have gotten the best results from? xx

  11. I love circuit training. I feel I get the most out of my time- plus I absolutely hate running. I always wanted to be that person that loves it, but I realized doing what your body agrees with will give you the best results (because you enjoys it!) Good luck meeting your fitness goals!

    xo Amanda


  12. You look great! Can you do a turtorial on how to do your hair like this? Thanks!!

    xoxox, Juliet

  13. I just found your blog today and I love it! Question: Where did you dance in college? I’m a dancer as well… And how difficult is making that transition to real life without much time for dance?