White Tee & Jeans

White Tee & Jeans

Pickwick & Weller “Roxanne” Tee c/o, Gap Jeans (old, similar here and here), Victoria’s Secret Tshirt Bra c/o (worn but not shown), Bobbi Brown Lipgloss in “Petal”

As much as I love getting dressed up in a pretty dress and my highest heels, I love dressing down in my favorite jeans and white tee just as much. Truth be told, you can usually find me wearing this combination half of the time running around the city. It’s as classic and simple as it gets, but somehow when you find the perfect pair, it’s more pulled together than looks you’ve spent hours perfecting. Now, insert Victoria’s Secret Tshirt bra into the equation. It’s the perfect under pairing for your comfiest tees. While I love my lace bras, I hate when the textured fabric shows through my shirts. The soft cotton on the tshirt bra works perfectly with all of my tees, while still being comfy and sexy. A win win in my book!

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  1. It seems kind of strange for Victoria’s Secret to pay you to have your husband take pictures of you rolling around on a bed and then post them on a blog. Could you have maybe even taken one picture of the bra laying on a dresser or something? So we at least know what you’re trying to sell us?

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Victoria’s Secret did not pay me for this post, this is just something that I wanted to share. It’s not all about the bra- it’s the overall look :)

      xx Julia

      1. Doesn’t “c/o” mean that they gave you the bra for free? I would consider getting free merchandise in exchange for a positive review to be payment.

        1. Hi Amanda,

          Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Victoria’s Secret sent me the bra, but it was my choice to write about it and choose how to do so. They did not compensate me with money or “sponsor” the post.

          xx Julia

          1. I understand what you’re saying. I don’t think you are intentionally trying to mislead readers but this type of thing is the reason that people have “trust issues” with fashion blogs that get tons of c/o items. VS obviously sent you a free bra with the expectation (whether it was explicitly stated or just implied) that you would write about it positively. Knowing that, coupled with the fact that we didn’t even see a picture of the thing (not being worn, duh) just makes it a less than reliable opinion, I think. It’s just an endless parade of free stuff that you just happen to really love. I’m sure you get things for free that you don’t like but we never see any of that to balance it out.

  2. Love your hair in this post! Not sure if you’ve done any previous posts about how you style it but I would love to know what you do to achieve the wavy look. Thanks!

    1. Yes, your hair came out BEAUTIFULLY! Like VS model Bombshell waves ;)

      Love the hair, love the look, love your blog, Love YOU!

    2. Yes, your hair came out BEAUTIFULLY! Like VS model Bombshell waves ;)

      Love the hair, love the look, love your blog, Love YOU! Keep Rocking at life!

  3. I am a regular reader of your blog and I usually really enjoy your material. I was disappointed to in this post as it is a knock-off of another fashion blogger that I follow, Happily Grey. While I get that you often receive the same material and that trends are duplicated, I was most disappointed that you even took pictures in the bedroom. It seemed a complete re-make to me and I would have preferred to see your own spin on it.

    1. Hi Lynn,

      I’m sorry you felt that way, that was not at all my intention. I love Mary and her blog and in no way did I try to “knock off” her. I guess we both just interpreted the “t shirt” bra in the same way :)

      xx Julia

  4. I love the jeans + white tee combo! It’s so hard to find a great t-shirt bra… thanks for sharing Julia.

  5. Julia,

    I love this look but can’t seem to find the exact tee you got as I’ve been looking for a good white tee. Is it sold out?


    1. Hi Beka,

      Unfortunately it looks like the Roxanne tee in white (the one I’m wearing) is currently sold out. They have it available in a few other colors. I also really love their classic scoop neck and v neck tees- great alternatives!

      xx Julia

  6. Hi Julia,

    I’ve been looking for classic basics that can be dressed up for quite sometime. I was wondering what size you are wearing in the tee? It’s difficult to tell when they have size 23 models on the website. Thanks!


    1. Hi Alex,

      I’m wearing a size small in the tee :) They fit pretty true to size (note, they are a little oversized fitting) so I would choose what size you normally wear in tshirts!

      xx Julia

  7. I see based on the size chart that I would probably order a medium, as the model is a 32 bust and is wearing the small. I worry the medium or large would be too boxy! Can you share what size your Roxanne tee in the post is? Thanks!!

  8. I absolutely adore your blog and style! You are absolutely gorgeous and your style is impeccable! This T-shirt looks amazing and I looked at the website and they are super affordable as well. I absolutely love this look because it is so casual, carefree and perfect for weekends.

  9. You are so pretty! I am diggin’ this look! Is that your bed?? I love it!!!! I am shopping around for a new bed…

  10. How do you get that perfect skin coloring, you seriously are glowing! Maybe it’s bronzer, or the blush you use?

    Also, I applaud you for even giving some of these comments the time of day, some are so rude!

  11. Julia, great post! I was wondering what mascara you are wearing in this post? Thanks! xx Diandra

  12. Hey Julia-

    Just wanted to tell you that I adore your blog and not to listen to the nay-sayers. You inspire so many of us and as always, this post is beautiful. <3


  13. Hi Julia!

    Just wondering what foundation you use? I currently use a Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer but I’m looking for something that will even out my skin tone better.

    Thanks!! :)

  14. Hi Julia,
    You always look amazing, this post is not exception! I look forward to your posts and find them inspirational. Classic and elegant as always – even in jeans and a tee :-)


  15. Can you do a hair post? Your hair is always perfectly curled- mine always comes out too tight when I curl it!

  16. Newbee to your blog. I adore your style and don’t see anything with getting inspired by other blogs, aren’t we all doing the same by reading fashion blogs anyways!!
    About the VS bra, I might be in the minority but I hated the new tshirt bra, after two wears, the cup started to roll outwards and you can see the outline of the cup. I really wanted it to work, because the colors are so pretty.

  17. I love your style and the contents of your post. Putting yourself out there can be a challenging task but you always seem to do it with such grace and easy. You go girl!

    Auna xx